• Ball  Valves

Leakage of gas and/or fluids is something that needs to be avoided at all cost. Our ball valve is designed to take care of this. The valve is a full bore, flanged ball valve with cylindrical bore made in dimensions from DN25 to DN500.

  • Ball Segment Valves

High capacity, excellent tightness and free flow are some of the superior properties of the ball segment valve. Our ball segment valves have been designed to fulfill the strictest requirements of the process industry. 

  • Butterfly Valves (Triple Offset / High Performance / Chemically Resistant / Rubber Seated)

Butterfly valves help to control your flow! Steam, gas, water or other fluids, our butterfly valves can handle them all. The valves are made of high quality stainless steel with a homogenous metal seat.

Almost no maintenance required-

One of the biggest advantages of our butterfly valves is the fact that they can pretty much run as intended without the need for unwanted or unplanned maintenance. 

  • On/Off Valves

On/off valves shuts off the flow and remains tight in the flow direction. They offer great tightness when closed and a low flow resistance in the open position. Our on/off-valves usually come equipped with a pneumatic actuator that can be either single- or double-acting.

  • Manual Valves

Low resistance when open is a key component in a manual valve. As the name implies the valves are used to manually shut the flow off, typically in pipelines when something needs to be repaired.

  • Check Valves

We supply check valves as per your requirement feature as below

  • Prevention of chattering
  • Lightweight and compact check Valve

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