• Pneumatic Actuators
  • Single Acting

For valves with a smaller need for torque. Single acting actuators come with an opening/closing spring function installed.

  • Double Acting

For valves with a greater need for torque. Low friction and backlash-free connection are features which optimize the control performance.

  • Accessories

Our actuators can be equipped with all necessary accessories to achieve the desired functionality. Valve positioners are a common accessory for our control valves.

  • Manual Actuators
  • Gear Unit

A gear unit can be used on all valves in our portfolio and is available in several different sizes. The unit has adjustable end-positions and a visual indicator for the current position of the valves.

  • Hand Lever

Hand levers can be used on our valves. The hand levers have adjustable end-positions and can be locked in either open or closed positions.

  • Accessories

Manual actuators can be equipped with various accessories such as a locking mechanism and limit switches. The locking device locks the valve in the chosen position.

Other Actuators

  • Motorized Actuators
  • Hydraulic Cylinder