• Valve condition monitoring unit

Records the operational status of quarter-turn valves automatically, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The unit quickly detects abnormalities and defects in the valves, and notifies these externally, via various interfaces.Our valve monitroing unit can perform a partial stroke test. The units also have a new function, the ASF (Active Safety Function), which performs partial stroke tests periodically based on the calendar installed.


  • Valve Positioner

 Pneumatic valve positioner and Electro pneumatic valve positioner are used for actuators with 90 degrees of turning. They can easily be installed directly or by using our patented fitting blocks.


  • Solenoid Valve

Handling of the air supply for on/off applications is done with the help of solenoid valves, which are fitted directly on the actuator. We solenoid valves from well-known manufacturers and there are also special solutions for specific functionality available. The connection between a solenoid valve and actuator is either made with a plastic hose or a pipe made of stainless steel.


  • Limit Switches

Many on/off applications require that a valves current mode of operation (open/closed) is clearly indicated. We offer a good selection of alternative solutions including both micro-switches and a number of different inductive sensors.